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Why Repipe Your Home?

Many homes and apartment complexes were built with galvanized piping which in time will rust and deteriorate or low grade copper piping under the slab or between the floors. If you have any of the following symptoms in your home's existing plumbing system, you may be using galvanized piping that is rusting and deteriorating. Damage to your home
Rusty or foul smelling water
Low water pressure
Getting scalded or frozen in shower when someone flushes or uses other water device (dish washer, sink, etc.)
Slab leaks
Leaking pipes

Unhealthy water

Corroded pipes can cause water to become dirty, foul-smelling and unfit to use or consume. It's what happens when rust builds up inside galvanized water pipes. The rust restricts the flow of water and causes a build-up of gunk and slime throughout the system. With your plumbing system free of old, corroded galvanized pipe you will be free of discoloration and metallic taste in your water for improved water quality.

Damage to your home

Leaks can develop in the most unnoticeable places… inside your walls, the attic,under your house and under your concrete slab. These hidden leaks can cause severe damage to your home, from major pipe corrosion to toxic mold in your walls. With a copper or PEX plumbing system, you can eliminate this risk and prevent corrosion, mold and other damage from happening.

Mr. Repipe fixes these problems and saves you money!

We'll replace your galvanized pipes with PEX or hard copper piping using the most innovative repiping solutions in the industry. After our specialist are done with your home you and your family can take comfortable showers, wash dishes, do laundry… in other words.. use all faucets and fixtures at the same time. Enjoy better water pressure throughout your home, improved delivery of hot water, and eliminate costly water damage repair bills. Take a look at some of the major benefits...

Here at Mr. Repipe we clean up after ourselves, and keep your home clean!

We care about your home and furnishings. We clean up every day, protect the floors, our master patchers will patch all the holes after the repipe is completed, and will haul away all debris so it's like we were never there!

Why Repipe?

  • Do you experience low water pressure?
  • Do you get rust colored or yellow water?
  • Leaky pipes?
  • Does your house have galvanized piping?
  • Do you have slab leaks?
  • Can you shower, run the washing machine and water the lawn all at the same time?
  • It's a fact, galvanized water pipes rust and corrodes and particles of rust and metallic contaminates flow into your drinking water. Over time, this will clog the pipes internally stopping the flow of water to showers fixtures, kitchen sinksand bathroom faucets. With a copper repiping, your water will be cleaner and flow faster. Copper plumbing never corrodes or clogs up pipes internally. It's the Gold Standard.

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